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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Have you Heard of Crazy 88?

ok so I could not sleep one night and I turn the tv on and this car saleman is on saying 88 down and 88 a month no one is turned away..

so I called the phone number and did the automated system and waited for the phonecall that was to come within 24 hours..

The call never came however I have had phone calls from everyone else trying to sale me a car and they do not know a thing about the 88 down and 88 per month deal.

So please let me know if you have called or filled out the website apllication and lets see what we can do about this SCAM company.


Anonymous said...

I have had the experience with the Crazy $88 today! I went to the specified dealer and waited over 4 hours for approval. To make a long story short. The dealer told me that the bank would not add the tax, tag, and title fee to my loan so he needed $1000 for that. He also stated that he could not give me the full price of the vehicle until all the paperwork was done. How could he tell me tax and payment amount??? And that he would give me a better deal than the $88 down, he would do $0 down payment. But, my payments would be $88 per week beginning in 2 weeks. Not $88 per month. I asked the Crazy 88 representative over the phone if the payments were $88 per month. She said "yes' for the first 3-6 months. I also have an email from one of the sales reps at the dealership that says the Crazy $88 deal is "legit". I have it in writing. The email also stated that I was pre-approved for this deal and mentioned the vehicle that I had chosen from their website. So, I guess this is on a case by case basis. Or maybe it depends on the dealer. So in the course of this auto adventure, I can't count how many times and how many lies I have heard. All in one day!

rainylcashonly said...

My credit is horrible. How are you able to help?

All of our advantages revolve around our national network of lenders and dealers. We are able to offer options to even the most credit damaged individuals. We have access to literally hundreds of lenders who specialize in helping customers with less than perfect credit. So don't let your past credit circumstances stand in the way of your automotive future. Here's something else to remember. There is no better way to re-establish your good credit standing that with a properly handled auto loan. Let us get you into that dream car, truck, van or SUV for $88 down and $88 a month, and back on the road to good credit. How can you lose? Your past credit doesn't matter, so we encourage you to let us go to work for you right away.

that is fro mtheir website..

However I am stil lwaiting on their phone call and their letter stating I am approved.

The dealer then would have ot honor your 88.00 down.. 88.00 a month for the first 6 months or so..

So did you get the car or did you call the BBB to report them?

Anonymous said...

My daughter was pre-qualified for financing they even told her not to worry about the 88.00 down they would work with her. The representative even went as far as to say “Are you excited, you will be driving home in something new” when she arrived at the dealership the same representative that she talked to on the phone (twice to verify information) turned my daughter over to a financial specialist that deals with Crazy88. After about 2.5 hours she was informed that she would need $1500.00 down and a co-signer. Monthly payments were not discussed because she was never given the chance to look at the vehicles. I called to question what had happened and it was truly unprofessional the phone representative (same one) advised me she had no idea what happened and transferred me over to the financial specialist who advised he didn’t know that my daughter was pre-qualified but that she would have to come up with the $1500.00 down. When I told them that was not what the Crazy88 commercial advertised and that the phone rep advised she was pre-qualified he started saying “hello, hello, I cant hear you, hello” then asked “where are you calling from cause I cant hear you” and I was not on a cell phone when I called him and when I told him I would be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau he responded “well you do what you have to do” (so it was selective hearing). I called back and talked with the manager who was very nice and will not have an answer for me till May 7, 2008, by 5:00 PM. My daughter traveled 4.5 hours to get to the dealership for nothing but a bunch of empty promises.

rainylcashonly said...

I am sorry to see that your daughter was taken in from them also, you will not hear back fro mthe dealership.
I suggest you file a complaint against crazy88 and the dealership since you do have names and solid facts...that always helps and yes I did file a complaint with the BBB for my area like everyone elses and maye we can get them out of buisness for the scammers that they are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw the commercial on TV and I call crazy 88, but the first thing that strike me is that an automate Ted answering machine took the call.the call was going well until the system ask me for my Social Security, I hung up. My first impression is that they are trying to fraudulent obtain my personal information.
The next day I received a call from a crazy 88 representative by the last name smith, he attempted to obtain my personal information with no success. I told him that I wasn’t going to give him my personal information over the phone, so then he say that he could set me up an appointment with a local dealer. If he was from a referral agency and wasn’t from a lending institution why was he asking for my personal information(Social security)? The following day for the 3rd time I had another call from Crazy 88,this time from the loan mananger. Wait a minute remember they are not a lending institution and he is Identifying himself as the loan mananger? I continue to talk to him and I told him my Income, and he say that I did not qualify for an Auto Loan because my income. That’s when I told him Wait a minute, Your TV commercial say $88 down, and $88 a Month, bad credit, no credit, base on my income I can easily afford $200.00 a month and you telling me I don’t qualify for a loan? I hung up. My conclusion: base on what I have experience and read here on this site I come to the conclusion that is nothing but a scam. While they referral you to a legit man car dealer ship that has no relation to them( crazy 88), in the mean time they already have your personal information. Identity theft is one of the biggest growing crime in America.too good to be truth! AKA.maelo

mintradz said...

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