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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is a Medical Career for You?

The medical field is a very good path to take if you want a challenge and to help people every day, it is never boring and you can honestly say you are learning new things on a daily basis.
This website medical trainingbreaks down in detail the careers that are out there in the medical field, from ultrasound tech to Massage therpaist you name it, it is there for you to explore. it also gives you a list of schools online and offline in your state.
I have looked over this site and read the articles and found them to be informative and useful.
I am considering taking a online class to refresh my Medical transcribing career have not done it in a long time however I was certified over 5 years ago and they love you to work at home in that field. I have bookmarked this website so I can go back and review it and check the prices on the courses at the schools offline and online.The pay is very good for staying at home and meeting deadlines for transcribing tapes. so you could actually have you whole day ahead of you if you have all of your work done before noon

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