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Friday, January 11, 2008

Stop and review

xBanners.biz - Let your site www earn money for you!

I joined this program about 4 hours ago and already had to remove it from my blog, it freezes the page and will not let you move on unti lyou agree to let some plug in play also if you notice your toolbar will reload every 3 seconds while your page is frozen.

I will only use this as a referall program for people who allow stuff like this on their websites, however for me I DO NOT think it isvery cool to force a person to accept a plug in and then it takes them off the webpage to another website all together.

that is my review on this site join and use their code at your own RISK

1 comment:

bgmck said...

Good day,

I joined this program today. The code didn't stay on my website long enough for me to close up the panel after the first click to verify it showed up on site. Was assulted with pounds of man meat and in the background was loading so many pages my processor started to cry. Audio was running from pages couldn't see and............. Well you get the idea.
Stay away from this one folks!

Be well.