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Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009



We walked down the street
We held hands
We laughed and smiled at things we saw
Your touch was all that mattered

We danced
We slept
We partied
Your touch was all that mattered

You went your way
I went mine
I looked back and you were gone
Not a second goes by that I do not close my eyes and wish for your touch
Because your touch was all that mattered

Years have gone by
We are here side by side
The rivers have run far
Back then and even now
Your touch is all that mattered

Friday, September 18, 2009

The BUXTON BAG.. Review

The buxton Bag that is the over the shoulder organizer.

That you are supposed to be able to fit so much into and it is supposed to be sturdy and good looking.

Here is my review, please remember this is my experience with this product.

1) it is a right hander's should bag
2) the bag does not close well if you have it full
3) the outer lining started to peel the moment I took it out of the box.
4) I had my camera, phone (which does not fit in that little phone holder) and a pamphlet and my car keys and the bag was not closing.

so I give this product a 1 in a half stars only.

We need things made for left hander's also, and yes there is a difference between a right hand and left hand over the shoulder organizer.

Smooth Away Review

We have all seen this infomercial about how this pad can remove your hair. Well I was skeptical and everything so I purchased it at a store for 9.99 and I went home and tried it.


IT WORKS... yes you heard me it works.

go in a circle 3 times one way and then 3 times the other way and the hair is removed.

Now if you have real sensitive skin this may not work for you, so it is the responsibility of each person to try it and read the instructions.

However it worked for me and I have very sensitive skin.

So that is my review.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

California State Fair..pros and cons

Ok folks,

The News stated that the people at the state fair says attendance was down a lot and would try to move the fair up to June or July next year..

Well Let me give you a list on why the attendance is LOW THIS YEAR::::

1) 10.00 for parking in Eygpt.....

2) 12.00 fair entry for an adult

3) 8.00 for a child

4) tickets cost 4 for 1.00 or you can get 25 tickets for 25.00 OR you can get a all day wrist band for 30.00 and on weekends it costs 35.00.

5) People with a handicap will not find the fair to friendly, nor the people who are working the fair.

6) you have fair employees ripping children off... here is the proof:: my son had 20.00 and he bought two sodas at 3.00 a piece and a corn dog that was 3.50 umm that is 9.50 and the guy gave him back 9.00 and my son said you owe me more money and the guy had the nerve to put his finger up and shake it and say no no no.. well my son got his money back and within 10 mins I saw the same man behind a tent with a handful of money...now this is the tent not far from the snack bar he is working at strange dont you think?? Oh I went up to ask to see the person who is running that stand since I wanted my money back, I was going to go get a police officer however I went there to the fair so my son could have some fun, not have fair employees rip him off. Once again he did get his 1.50 returned to him..

here is his picture:

The Bella Twins were very nice, wish I could say the same for the employees(Direct TV) who could not have cared less that I could not walk the stairs to get to the form to spin his wheel for a prize...He was like oh well then I guess you won't be spinning then... I was like you know you do not have to be such an ASSHOLE and I will be calling to let them know how you have treated me..


1) THE FOOD!!!!!!


3) Friends

However I still cannot see how the fair stats are saying the attendance is down since I saw families of 5 and 6 and they all had all day wrist bands on and had stuffed toys from the game tables and were eating plenty.. so I do not thing the stats are correct...

I do plan on sending a picture of this young man to the police along with a copy of this posting and also to the state fair directors office..

I know they have safe guards up for child Predators, however what about their employees who are stealing people blind???


my son was happy he was able to see the BELLA TWINS and finally ride the bumper cars all by himself... so it is ALL OK but people have to remember I am never without a camera and I do protect what is mine.....