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Thursday, April 29, 2010

WOW what an offer.


just three of the Diva's site are you a member of any of these, if so then take her up on her offer and get 15 solos ads each month for joining and remaining a member of kashkwik

Monday, April 26, 2010

Turkeys Among US

Payments from Ipayu2advertise.com

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total shock.. I got a payment I did not even know about!!!

4/26/2010 9:31:35 AM
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

2x1Xtreme has paid me

I joined this thinking I will just invest a dollar and forget about it.

Well I was just paid 14.20 not paid for 1.00 and forgetting about it.

I do like being paid and also like knowing that a program really does pay.

so if you have a dollar and would like to make a few dollars every few weeks please do join me.

I like MOney and I am sure you do tooo!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stormy Skies in Citrus Heights California

Well it has been raining on and off all day and then the sun came out and it was nice and within 15 mins the heavens open up and bring THUNDer and lightning


PAyment from Dollarstacker

This email confirms that you received a payment of $13.00 USD from William Pattison(willthe5th@gmail.com).

Payment Details

Date: 4/20/2010 6:57:13 PM
Amount Paid: $13.00 USD
Reference Number: E9B42-667E4-8731A
Buyer Name: William Pattison
Buyer Email: willthe5th@gmail.com

Item Details

Item Description: DollarStacker Payment: DollarStacker Payment

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Everytime I SURF at this site I get a Virus that is a KILLER

Ok folks I do not like to lay BLAME... However i have not had any problem surfing any traffic sites until I joined TRAFFICRACEr auto surf.

I have had to reload my OS on my pc and now I have to reload it on my LAPTOP.. I clicked on surf on my laptop for trafficracer and 10 mins later my system has a virus.

Please make sure you take care if you are a member of this site.

I will be emailing RIch of varisearch since traffic racer is a part of his membership for surf sites.

I should be reimbursed for all of the time and trouble I have spent getting rid of the deadly virus that this surfing site allowed on their website.

I thought it was funny the first time I surfed there that my system started to act funny and then with in an hour of surfing i had a virus.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The State of Senior Care in California


The lowest price I have found for assisted living with no nurse is 2350.00 per month, if I had to pay that amount of rent I would hope it was a very nice big house to live in and that I owned it

My question is how is it legal for these places to charge this much? How is it legal for them to drain the ederly people out of their life savings and then kick them out the second they have no money left?

I would like to see some MEDIA attention to this matter and to start in the Sacramento Area, also what happens to the people that have medi-cal,medicare and have no savings?

We need to start speaking out about these companies that are draining the elderly out of their savings. I do not think anyone should have to pay 2350.00 or more to live with a piece of mind.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steve Harvey's book Is really good

I was reading the Success magazinE and Steve Harvey was also featured and I do think some of his advice is very good.

1) make time
dON'T let work, obligations or even kids get i nthe way of finding time for each other, even if you have to schedule a date night..(hunny bunny are you reading this)

Do you and read his book he makes alot of since...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

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This is really awesome.

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

An Overview of the Concept behind RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds stands for Really Simple Syndication. Other times it is also called Rich Site Summary. But both have same meanings. The first time you see this, it may appear complex. But as you go along on your information gathering venture in the cyber world, you will encounter this many times. Have you ever tried clicking on one?

Click and You Will Receive
You can compare RSS to a website or blog that offers web surfers something to read or a news feed of vast information. Everyone can opt to add what information they like for free to their own news reader. It can also be displayed on your PC's desktop or in the web browser that you are using.

So if you have click on the information provider of your choice, the news will be given to you as they come so you no longer need to check the site back for any updates. This made it easier for web users, especially those who were fond of subscribing to newsletters of their chosen site. It eliminates the hassle of checking your email everyday just to know if there is any update on your preferred site.

The concept behind this can be compared to how you want to get your newspapers. You can't afford to go to a stand everyday just to buy one. It will be easier if you will get your dailies delivered to you each day. By clicking on the RSS feature of the site of your choice, the news will be made available at your PC's desktop as long as you are connected to the Internet. All those information could be read or ignored, ready to be shared and printed.

It is easy to use. As long as you a connection and a web browser, you are ready to go. You can filter through the information and click on the topics that you find interesting. You can customize your choice and delete or add something every day. It is that simple. You will get all the information you want on a daily basis without having to go through all the individual web pages.

Trivia Time
Did you know that RSS was invented by Netscape? They used it at the time when they were struggling to enter the portal biz. They wanted the RSS .90, an XML format, which would make news gathering and adding those on their site a breeze. After a time, they came up with the RSS .91 but discontinued when they didn’t push through with the portal business.

This is where UserLand Software picked it up. They didn't stop developing the idea. They had versions like .92, .93 and .94. They then developed their own interpretation of the original idea through the RSS 1.0. This is still being developed and as of late, they have the RSS 2.0.

Source of Information
You can also utilize RSS on your own web site. But rather than updating the feature manually, you can choose to use a tool like Weblog. This will automatically create the headlines, the links and descriptions.

At this day and age, information is vast and scattered all over the web. And as days go by, it becomes easier for people to choose the kind of information that they want to be given to them whenever they need such. Thanks to the ever developing concept of RSS Feeds.

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