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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

vegas anyone?

Did you get your CHECK?

How many of you recieved your direct deposit check already??? Monday was the first day and I still do not have mine...lol
So I am just wondering if any of you got it?
Please POST

Monday, April 07, 2008

Violence in Elem Schools.

The news about the GA children who wanted to cause harm to their teacher shocked everyone, however this seems to be the norm of today, and the children are getting away with it becuase of their ages, however 3 of the GA children did not and they should be charged if they are found guilty of what they are being charged with not just hearsay...

Now lets get closer to home, has anyone heard of the 9 yr old that was violently attacked by another student for no reason accept walking out a door??? Naw I didn't think so.

Well it happened right here locally at one of our schools, and the way it was handled is somethimg that needs to be investigated.

1) They refused to file a police report even after the mother of the victim repeadtly asked, then she had to call the Sheriff's Dept and Citrus Heights Police to ask why a report was not going to be filed when this is a CRIME.

2) The attacker is still at school???? WHY???

3) the school knew they had a potential violent student in the popluation and did nothing to safeguard the rest of the students.

4) Transportation that provides the bus service for both the victim and the attacker refuses to remove the attacker off the bus, since it is a schools issue and not a bus issue????? Please give me a break...

5) the rights of the victim have totally been ignored while everyone is trying to protect the attacker....

I think this needs to be brought to LIGHT and the SCHOOL NEEDS to ANSWER on why this was not handled better.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Let's Keep the Dream Alive

Today marking the 40th anniversary of MArtin Luther King 's death let's keep his dream for unity and peace and understanding for all alive.

We need to look back and remember and learn to get along and understadn that we do have differences however violence is not the answer nor has it ever been.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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