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Tuesday, May 30, 2006



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Thank You
Rod Nielson


Daddy: Black, Strong & Proud

My daddy
Black, strong & proud
Has a way of making everything right
He plays with me
He reads to me
He tucks me in & kisses me goodnight
He lets me ride on his back
Everything he does is with a smile

My daddy
Black, strong & proud
Has a way of showing his love
He kisses mommy
He cooks for mommy
He nurses mommy back to health when she's sick
He tells mommy "I love you"
Everything he does is without haste

My daddy
Black, strong & proud
Has a way of doing what's right
He doesn't run when he's scared
He doesn' yell when he's mad
He doesn't regret his role as husband & father
Everything he does is with respect

My daddy is a man I want to someday be.

On the June 18th, as we gather to honor the fathers in our families, it would wonderful to see the world from this perspective, and take our places of honor . . . as the men our sons want to someday be.

Monday, May 29, 2006

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Paulos is 7 years old and he creates his own necklaces and wristlettes and anklets and earrings, he has had and is getting many orders

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I must say his buisness is going up and fast


stop on by and visit, his site is still a work in progress since his main focus is on his craft and he makes each order as it is ordered so he is a very busy 7 year old

Happy Monday

Well It is Monday

A Holiday to remember the fallen

What are you plans for today?

We have Police Activity going on right now and man hunt for two men, so we are in the house for now, until they give the clear for us to come out.

amazing how early it is and we have dogs, helicopters and police walking up and down the streets..

this is a quiet neighborhood, well it is known to be the "QUIET" hood..lol

We had a home invasion three nights ago in the area, first time ever for that also.

see crime happens everywhere, so never think your out of harms way

Always be alert to your surroundings and never answer your door without looking out to see who it is first.

remember home invaders do not break in, they knock and you open the door????? then they rush in or walk in or whatever, just be careful out there and stay safe

until my next ranting post..lol


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Urban Village Blog & Commentary

Urban Village Blog & Commentary

News, resources and more for your business

News, resources and more for your business

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Black America We NEED TO WAKE UP!

Hello Out There!

It is time that we get out acts togther and start living our own dreams and making sure our families are taken care of by our own.

Why have we stopped DREAMING?

I have finally been able to start dreaming again and living my own lifestlye and making sure my family is taken care of by me.

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We show you what we are doing, we teach you what we are doing, from there you have to have some kind of GUSTO to get up and do it for yourself, we cant make you live your dreams.

I look at it this way

you have two options

1) remain living the way that you are living and always be just living


2) Request this information and see how it can change your lifestyle

I was skepitical also at first however then I met the REAL people and saw that it could be a REALITY for me.

so go ahead and request the information, you have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN!

The Next Move is Yours

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We are Proud and We are BLACK and WE are LOVED!

every 3rd person goes PRO

Elifce - Craft Page (handmade bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and knittings)

Elifce - Craft Page (handmade bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and knittings)

tsk Design Home and Garden Creations Blog

tsk Design Home and Garden Creations Blog

Friday, May 26, 2006



Dreams DO Become a Reality

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