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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gypsybug is a great business to be a part of!

This is the home business everyone needs to start with. Family values and family safe

Come on over today it will not cost you a dime.......SMILE

Thank you for my banners Katrina!!!

Pizza Hut......cheesesticks are not breadsticks...

Ok I am a bit ticked off now, this is the second time in a row that Pizza Hut has messed up my order for cheese sticks.

I call an d am told we will credit your account for next time, excuse me??? Why should I have to wait till next time.. Plus they did not credit my account last time they messed up like they said they would and then tried to give me a hassle when I asked for my credit... this is for the birds..

When you spend 30.00 each go around you expect your order to be correct.

Please folks look at this picture which I just took within 2 mins of Opening my order and you tell me if this is an order of cheese sticks..

now you see the picture on top that is what they sent me

and this is what they are supposed to look like

So tell me where are my CHEESE STICKS.....LOL

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Living Green

How are you livng green or are you even trying to help out the enviroment?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Can you really feel remorse after almost 48 years?

Just a pondering question that comes to my mind.. why did it take so long for a person to say they are sorry after so many years?

48 years to be exact, It makes me wonder does this person have a fatal disease or has done another crime and is trying to get off from saying sorry?

I am happy he said he was sorry however it is just 48 years a bit to late regardless if everyone is accepting it, sure he is an old man now however he was in his prime when he was doing his civil rights protesting and beating people that did not look like him or had his same skin color and he had no worries then so why now?

So ya telling me if the KKK comes out and says we are sorry for the way we treated you all and killed your brothers and sisters we would just let it be???

it is still going on in the present and we are supposed to close our eyes to the crimes against men and women that are not the same as we are or are sightly different.

NO.. everyone should be treated with respect regardless of where you are from or how you look.

Let's wake up people and not tolerate ignorance and let's educate everyone.

Is Sully really a Hero?

Ok I am so tired about hearing of this plane going into the hudson river.. ok it is done with and over with... However if everyone died or if some died would he still be a hero for doing his job that he is paid to do?

I do think he did a good job ,however he is trained to do what he did and the outcome really is not in his hands it is in the passengers hands and whether or not they panic and start running and trampling over people.

I do think he did an excellent job BUT PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK....,. this is way over the top now.

We have people losing their jobs and becoming homeless and are we giving them this much media attention? NO

Let's get over it now and move on.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

how time flies

Originally uploaded by tinosbella
just a few old pics

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sacramento Kings and the State Budget....


I think maybe the Sacramento Kings would start to play better if they were made to donate 5000.00 for each point that they lost with per player.

Come on they really do make a bit to much money along with every other professional sports players and I really do not see that they are giving back to our communities.

Just a thought and it would really help the Budget

like they lost 129/81 I think it was .... hmmm that is and would be a lot of money for the good state of California...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Cpanel users beware..NEW SCAM

If you have a website you more then likely have a Cpanel..

There is a FAKE email going out from Cpanel Inc asking you to click the link and enteryour information to verify you are the only one using the cpanel

DO NOT CLICK IT.. once you enter any information you can KISS your Cpanel and website GOODBYE..

From: cPanel Inc.
Subject: cPanel Verification !

that is the subject line and the email address it is from

Please DO NOT Get taken in with this scam...

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I am a loyal steelers fan and I hope they win the SUPERBOWL!!!