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Friday, February 06, 2009

Can you really feel remorse after almost 48 years?

Just a pondering question that comes to my mind.. why did it take so long for a person to say they are sorry after so many years?

48 years to be exact, It makes me wonder does this person have a fatal disease or has done another crime and is trying to get off from saying sorry?

I am happy he said he was sorry however it is just 48 years a bit to late regardless if everyone is accepting it, sure he is an old man now however he was in his prime when he was doing his civil rights protesting and beating people that did not look like him or had his same skin color and he had no worries then so why now?

So ya telling me if the KKK comes out and says we are sorry for the way we treated you all and killed your brothers and sisters we would just let it be???

it is still going on in the present and we are supposed to close our eyes to the crimes against men and women that are not the same as we are or are sightly different.

NO.. everyone should be treated with respect regardless of where you are from or how you look.

Let's wake up people and not tolerate ignorance and let's educate everyone.

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