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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pizza Hut......cheesesticks are not breadsticks...

Ok I am a bit ticked off now, this is the second time in a row that Pizza Hut has messed up my order for cheese sticks.

I call an d am told we will credit your account for next time, excuse me??? Why should I have to wait till next time.. Plus they did not credit my account last time they messed up like they said they would and then tried to give me a hassle when I asked for my credit... this is for the birds..

When you spend 30.00 each go around you expect your order to be correct.

Please folks look at this picture which I just took within 2 mins of Opening my order and you tell me if this is an order of cheese sticks..

now you see the picture on top that is what they sent me

and this is what they are supposed to look like

So tell me where are my CHEESE STICKS.....LOL

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