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Friday, January 25, 2008

Heath ledger

Ok, Please tell me what the fixation is over this young man and his death? I do not know him so to me it is a shame he died so young however there are more important things to worry about and to report on the evening news then this mans death.
Like always the MEDIA goes out and above what is needed for celebrities.

A young man was killed last night here and is he getting as much media attention and this Legder man? NO and that is sad...very sad.

So I ask all of you this question????

Do you think there will be this much attention when you die? NO I REALLY DOUBT IT. so why can't everyone let his family grieve for him and for all of us who never knew him and never would have known him wake up and smell the coffee, he was not your average guy, he had money and fame and he really never thought about you now did he?

To me, it gets very tiresome to see the MEDIA run wit hthese stories like it is a GOOD thing to be famous and to be found DEAD.............

I would rather see real stories about us helping the hungry children in the USA...

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