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Friday, January 11, 2008

Sector skills council for construction

Construction workers and other laborers will find this website very useful it gives awesome information on what is needed to be certified in cskills by 2010.
I have found the site very user friendly and in laymans english which is a good thing since most of us like to be able to enjoy reading a website and not wondering what the heck a word means.
This is really a good site for the young men and women who would like to get into the career field, it tells you about Apprenticeships
and all of the courses you need to take to get certified. Construction jobs are good money earners and a lot of the people in the construction arena usually become their own boss.
OSAT is also mentioned here and that is a major plus for many people who cannot afford to lose hours due to having to go to school to get the certification that is needed ot keep their jobs, I am really amazed at this website and how it goes int ogreat detail about the aspects of Construction work and what is needed to get certified.career development

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