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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rugby Anyone?

Rugby has been around for years and it is well known all over the world and is now becoming popular in the USA, I have a friend that is in high school and they are rugby players and they went to Ireland to play in a tournament last year and place very well.Rugby is a very physical sport and you have to be in shape to play this sport.
This site give details on the rugby world, all time stats and picture and times and dates.
Up and coming events and other rugby news for the fans, podcast,ezines,rss feeds,multimedia so there is away for you to get all of the information you want about rugby
Looking over the site I see they took their time in designing it and it is very well laid out and informative for the non rugby player, 6 nations has been collecting stats since 1992 so that is telling me they know what they are doingonline rugby games

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