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Monday, March 03, 2008

Taboo or not?

I have always wondered why we are so worried about the age ofpeople that we date or to hang out with... why doe sage have ot matter ifthey are over the age of 18? Consenting adults and are able to make thier minds up on what andwhere they can go...

When a man dates a younger woman it is not frowned upon, however if a woman dates a younger man, people start talking about her... double standards here or what?

This has been going on for ages and as far as I am concerned to each is own, if you happen to fall in love with a person that is 10 years younger or older then you or even 20 years younger or older then you as long as you two are happy and can deal with the age difference then be happy and live your life.

However then the question comes up?? if they are 10 years younger then you , how do you keep up with them and keep them interesetd in you? I say don't worry about it, they care for you for the person that you are and no relationship is promised to last forever, you just enjoy the time you have with each other and pray for another day together..

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