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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Frank Bauer's New Ad Tracking & Split Testing System

Listen, I just wanted to let you quickly know about my friend, Frank Bauer’s, latest service site... when I saw it, I snatched it up right away. Have you done so too?

Frank calls it the Add2it Go-To System... the one-stop ads, visitors, clicks, actions & sales conversion tracking & split testing solution.

All the top marketers use this to double, triple and quardruple their results... a must have service!

I am sure you will agree once you get your hands on it yourself...


Why Should You Take Advantage Of The Add2it Go-To System?

Here's what makes the Add2it Go-To System such a smart choice...

- This system protects all of your affiliate links from commission hijackers!

- This system lets you see how well your website or squeeze page converts visitors to sales!

- This system lets you easily track, manage and edit hundreds of your promotions!

- This system tracks your Return On Investment (ROI) from online as well as offline promotions!

- This system doubles, triples and quadruples your conversion rate thanks to the built-in split testing system!

And this is just the beginning! Learn all by clicking below!


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