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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who is really the BIGGEST LOSER?

I have mixed reviews about this television show, I am sure it helps many and hopefully it teaches them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However when they are showing the 18 and 19 year young men that are the heavist the show has ever had on that concerns me.

to be over 400 lbs and only 18 years old that should be sounding ALArms for the CPS and to all of the other so called protective services for children, these two young men did not get to this weight level on their own, someone had to buy their food for them, where are their parents and how did they allow this to happen?

Seems like all we hear about are excuses and I am sorry if you are the parent then you have the final say and the child does not run your life and if you see that a child is getting abusive or any thing close to it if they cant eat then you call for HELP.

I do think parent's should be charged with abuse if they allow their child(ren) to reach a weight that could cause serious health problems.
I might be the only one that feels this way, however change does not come about until we SCARE the PARENT's AWAKE.

I do think that when a child gets to a certain age they do know they are eating to much but if they are allowed to eat that way and no one stops then , then why should they stop eating?

There is no reason why children are obese, and with the way the economy is today you would think all families would be slimming down. I know my family has, however we are not obese or anywhere close to it, we are active and we keep moving as much as we can.

Education is a must for all parent's and children so we can stop children weighing 190 lbs and only being 8 years old, and the two young men on this TV show, shame on the producers for allowing them on the show and then in less then a few weeks voting one of them off and everyone knows they need to be there more then anyone else.
How much does each person make for going on that show and being blasted all over the world? Why would anyone go on that show, if you really want to lose weight you can do it at home. The mind is a very strong thing and if we push a little harder we can do it. It is so easy to sell ourselves short and to say " I can't".

I do believe that everyone has the will power to do what they set out to do it is whether you want to use it or not.

I have only watched the show two times and it really does nothing for me, however the advertisements for the show about these two young men really has smoke coming out of my ears.

Feel free to comment and yes I know some people have bad thyroids....(umm yeah ok, has anyone checked in with a doctor about that excuse lately?)

I am not skinny and I am not FAt, I am just right and enjoy who I am and I think if everyone else could also just accept the way they are they would be much happier.

Ok that was my two cents on the tv show..lol

Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying being overweight is wrong, I am saying allowing a child to be OBESE is wrong. Once your over 21 it is your choice on how much you weigh but until then it is your parent's responsibility to make sure you are healthy to the best that they can and to ask for help if they cannot do it alone.

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