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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Are you Covered?

I know this is something that we do not want to think about or even dicuss with our loved ones, however are you covered in the event that you die?

Last year I called a number that I had seen on TV and I said let me check into this since it looks to good to be true.

WELL! I am here to let you know it is all true.

I met Larry Miller, he has been selling this insurance plan since June 1966 yes 42 years... that is the same age I am .

I must say, it was a joy speaking to Larry, he not only had the policy I wanted he also had the proof of the company and he has no problem discussing your needs and what the company has to offer and the best part is that the coverage goes into effect the minute I sign and pay for it, no waiting period at all.

The policy also has a plan that will help you in the time of your need and you can request for them to make the funeral arrangements and do all of the bidding for that.
Ask Larry about it when you call for your appt.

I plan on telling everyone I know about this Policy and that it is really good for them to get it now, they have a plan for you,just call and ask.

to email LArry Miller so you can set up an APPT please click here

Please note: I am not paid for writing this in anyway, This is my personal views and thoughts about my meeting with Larry Miller and I want to share it with everyone!

Please email him in the event you would like to discuss your whole life insurance policy needs.

Please do not SPAM his email address in anyway.

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