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Monday, August 11, 2008

Does having an HEAVY Accent mean......

Ok I am really ticked at this and I was just wondering how everyone else feels. I was watching channel 3 last night (KCRA sacramento Ca) and they interviewed this guy named GUARD I do not remember his last name nor do I care to, I was not impressed with him or his comments.
He works for this gym named http://techniquegym.com and it is in Rancho Cordova Ca.
They were talking about the comments that Bela's made about the Chinese team using under aged girls.
the channel 3 reporter asked this man named GUARD what he thought about it and the first thing out of his mouth was " first of all could you understand anything he was saying?"
Parent's is this the kind of man you want teaching your children?
The channel could not edit it out since it was a live feed, live interview.
I would not let my children be taught by a person who thinks this way.
http://karolyiscamps.com/ this is a great site and I am sure we all wish our children could be taught by Coaches like the Karoly's.

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