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Monday, July 28, 2008

When is it crossing the line?

With all of the cameras and picture phones that can record movies today, when is it crossing the line to record something and post it on youtube or any other website?

I create videos of my children and their soccer games and I posted my first one on youtube this weekend, I do not think that is crossing the line, since my son has talent and I want the world to know!

However when your in a nightclub or vegas show and you are recording the act you are seeing is that crossing the line? after all you did pay to get into the show correct? so therefore you have no right to record it and post it anywhere unless you are paying the producer and the people in the show for you showing it. How do you feel?

However is it crossing the line when you see public officers doing things wrong and you are recording it without their knowledge and then posting it on websites?

There is a very thin line on what is right/wrong when it comes to recording people, I personally would just say out loud I am recording this... therefore you have made everyone aware that you are recording this.. however I have never recorded anything from any show I have had to pay to get into. that is stealing out right.

So I am vey interested to see how everyone feels about this.

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