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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just when you thought you have seen it all..

Ok today was my day off, I only have 4 days left of work and then I am out until I am 100% released from my Doctor to go back to work, whole different story...(#@#@#@)

So I am out with my youngest son (picture below)

So we decided to go to Mcdonalds, the NEw SWEET TEA is DABOMB!!! and for $1.00 for a limited time you really can't beat it.

We are walking and hit the crosswalk button and it is our turn to walk and we are in the CROSSWALK and cars are in such a hurry they are dodging around us and one car could not wait for us to get out of the crosswalk so he almost hits me. so here are the pictures of the cars, the DRIVERS should know it is against the law to go when there are people in the crosswalk regardless of which side of the crosswalk they are on and the POLICE need to enforce this so people will stop hitting people that are in the crosswalks.

Now we are on the street we live off of and they are doing constuction, they are putting in new sidewalks and at the school they are putting in a new parking lot. There is a truck spraying water(well I hope it is water) to keep the dirt moist and he sees us and we look at him(there is a fence between us and him) and the spraying stops (well we think it does) and the minute we get near the truck we get sprayed with water(I hope it is water) the driver did not even care that he could have gotten a person killed if they would have jumped into oncoming traffic, sometimes I think I should not walk utside my front door.

On the good side we made it home without a scratch and my keep me happy tshirt is a HIT


Bendz said...


Interesting. we must be careful about ourselves.

Nice shots...

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Anonymous said...

Well just shows how careful we have to be. So many drivers can be impatient.
Glad you are ok though.
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