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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CONTEST TIME !!!!! Prairie Dog Traffic!!!!!!!!



if you bring 20 valid members that are active for 30 days you get 20.00 paid through PAYPAL>

If you bring in 50 valid active new members you will get 50.00 paid through paypal, they must be active for 30 days

ok if you bring in 3 referrals you will get 8000 credits

5 referrals you get 16000 credits

Please play nicely and fair

the rules are very easy to remember.. all cheaters will be deleted and banned from the site..

Feel Free to post this on your BLOGS, however remove any personal information that may have also came with your email.

ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST FOLLOW ALL RULES OF JOINING PDT. THEY MUST SURF 28 out of the 30 days to qualify for the contest.

ALL MONEY rewards will be given on the 31st day after the activity requirements have been met...

IF any cheating is detected then all cheaters will be deleted and banned and not get anything at all....

CONTEST RUNS 06/17/08 to 07/17/08

so that means on 08/18/08 if all requirements are met you (if you are one of the winners) will be paid...

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Anonymous said...

I really like Prairie Dog Traffic.
Love your Blog as always!
Great reading and info!