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Friday, July 23, 2010

When Do You Know It's Right?

 In many things we are faced in our lifes that knowing when it is right is and can be very confusing for many. Is it the right outfit
or right colored lipstick
or should we have string beans and corn with the steak?

See what I mean?

So when it comes to relationships how it is any different? When it is new you think it may be the right situation for you and you want it to be, BUT comes into play the what's and if's and how's can this be? How can you feel so close and so safe with this person so soon, how can you want them in your life and never have them out of your life. What if this person is not even wanting a relationship?

When do you finally know it is RIGHT for you to tell them YES you would like that chance to see where it could go and that you want to take it one day at a time and grow with it, however you want them to know that you care for them without pushing them away.

I have been in a few relationships and they have all been long lasting and have ended for several reasons, however there can be no blame given to either party when it came to the end of my own relationships. I would rather walk away still loving the person, then walk away  hating him.

I am not like most people. I  give every inch of my soul once I see that is the person I want to be with, and it is hard at times since you never want to pressure a person into caring for you,it will never work that way. I think it can be very hard if that person you care for does not have the same feelings toward you. So it is never easy when you are getting mixed signals from the person. I do think that friendship is vital and open commincation in any form/type of a relationship is a major factor of success.


When do you tell a person you want them in your life......... and I mean when you say want them that is in every way possible not half way in any means.????????

Ok Please let me hear all of your advice, It is your turn to let me know how you feel about the topic at hand.


KAREN said...

I would much rather know some one giving there all and not holding back.Being able to show all of your qualities means something right there. that means they are special.BOTH PARTIES ARE SPECIAL. If you find some one you can be your all then I SAY HANG ON TO THEM AND GIVE YOUR ALL.IT IS NOT OFTEN WE CAN BE OUR SELVES AROUND EVERYONE WE MEET

Anonymous said...

You are so right, it can be hard to know when to tell someone that you want to commit to the relationship but as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sometimes it is only when you give your whole self that you find the other person is unwilling to do the same. Their loss really, and experience gained for you. Never give up, there is someone out there for each of us, you will find the right one, the one that will give their all to you just as you do for them.

Andrea said...

You never know what a relationship can be unless you try. And, when you approach it with an open heart and mind you allow the best of your soul to shine through. Even if the relationship only lasts a brief time, you will know in your heart that you love was pure and true.

Mariah said...

In my opinion you wouldn't have to think about it so hard. If you really truly want this person to be in your life forever, if this person makes you feel like no other person has, if you are yourself and the happiest you've ever been...with this one person...it should just happen. All the times I struggled with not knowing if someone was the right person for me...whether I chose to take a leap of faith and had it not work out...or took no leap and ended it right there..I should have known in the beginning that it wouldn't work out because I had to think about it waaay to hard. When it was right for me...(which it is now..met the man of my dreams)...I never once had to think and stress over if this was the right guy for myself and my children...somehow I just knew.

rainylcashonly said...

I am loving this... PLEASE keep all thoughts coming, it is great to see everyone's views on this topic..Thank you all...

MEN can we hear from you also????

Remember this is Opened for everyone to comment that has something to say.

sir rob said...

You really don't know when, there is no right time but an appropriate time and only you who can determine when will that be. Taking the risk is part of it. Why are we so afraid to take a risk? Was it because of the previous hurt that we feel, that we are trying to shield ourselves. If you believe in something good then give it a chance to happen. What if he's the right one and you didn't give him a chance. You may not know what lies ahead but you must have a will worth taking that risk.

Ooooh btw, I'm a man. *wink* Remember.!!