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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This may come to a shock to a lot of you , like it did me...

I checked on a payee account that I am assigned to for a minor child and to my shock all of his money is gone???

So I call the bank and was informed "your name is on the account and we found you owe us money so we took it fro mthe account".

I was like you cant take anything unless we tell you it is ok and they said "as long as your name is on a account we can do what we want"

Just a note I do have all of this in a transcript so I do have proof this was all said from the bank employee.

So I told the bank it is not my money and I do not recall owing your bank anything and if I do then put it in writing and send me a letter however you cannot STEAL a minors money out of his account since the checks do come in this minors name and it clearly says I am just the representative for the child.

Folks, stealing is stealing regardless of who is doing the stealing so please all of you CHECK your BANK ACCOUNTS and question things that you know you did not do.

This is the same bank who allowed 3 people to walk in and cash checks that were stolen from me and not once did it show on their banks camera that they asked for ID from these 3 people.

The FBI had to get involved with that case and the nerve of this bank stealing from a child.

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