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Friday, September 26, 2008

Things that Bother Me


I know we are all here trying ot make a dollar or so on the internet. I understand that there are greedy people who will try to get every last penny that you have.

However it bothers me to see the ads going out on text exchanges and safelists..


Thanks for reading this, I am really typing fast now....

Ike is coming... right into Texas, right now... Galveston
slammed, Houston is feeling it... next the Dallas Ft Worth corridor.

But I have to get this out in case we lose our power and
then I will be unable to reach you...

And this is vital for all of my friends who desperately
need to make money NOW....

Ummm that is a bit tooooooo much don't you agree?

If the storm was so bad, that person would not have been o nthe computer begging people to join their program and yes when you write a AD like that you are begging and working on people's soft spots.

thinking that they will say "oh the poor person, lets join to help him since the hurricane may destroy his home"

Please people stop preying on people and keep it honest when you send out ADS over the internet.

To the owners of the text ad exchanges and the safelists::::

don't you think you should check the ads before they are sent out with your NAME on it?

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